Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More about the Rupee Symbol Unicode

While reading about all the news lately about the new rupee symbol being accepted into Unicode I came across this document about currency symbols in Unicode. It seems that there is already a Unicode character identified as the rupee symbol with hex code 20A8. Special fonts developed should probably replace this character in the font map with out new symbol because though rupee is a common currency in multiple nations, the character20A8 is attributed to India - at least in the currency symbols Unicode document.

If you are wondering what the symbol looks like, here you go - (If it looks like Rs - try selecting it, its actually a single character) I hope it renders correctly because again how the character renders depends on the font you use and the Unicode support on your computer (browser and OS support).

Again, if you want to show this in HTML, the code is

You'll also notice that the document has codes for the rupee marks in many Indian languages too including Bengali, Gujarati and Tamil.
Bengali Rupee Mark (Hex Code - 09F2, HTML Code - ৲ , Character - ৲)
Bengali Rupee Sign (Hex Code - 09F3, HTML Code - ৳ , Character - ৳)
Gujarati Rupee Sign (Hex Code - 0AF1, HTML Code - ૱ , Character - ૱)
Tamil Rupee Sign (Hex Code - 0BF9, HTML Code - ௹ , Character - ௹)

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