Friday, July 16, 2010

HTML Code for new Indian Rupee Symbol

Most of you must know that we got our own brand new currency symbol yesterday. It will surely be added to Unicode sometime in the future, but for now we are mostly stuck with using images or special fonts to display this on the computer. I just figured out an easy way to display this until we get our own Unicode character. Its pretty simple - the Devanagari "ra" (र) with a strike-through. It should look like and its pretty close to what the symbol Here are some options for displaying it in HTML:
<del>र</del> in UTF8 text.

We can also use half "sa" and but it might not display properly everywhere. The earlier strike-through version looks closer to the real symbol (especially on IE). The code for half-sa is:
and it looks like - स्‍

Just my 0.02. ;-) Hope you guys find it useful. By the way you should be able to copy and paste the symbols from here into Word or other applications which support formatting. You should be able to copy and paste the half-sa version into any application - even notepad if it displays correctly on your computer. But just remember that Devanagari Unicode could display differently on different computers.


Yaajushi said...


the second line in the rupee symbol is not as low as a 'strike-through' but more near the 'roof' so as to make an 'equal to' sign.
it wud be such a bad omen to strike the 'ra' at the brand new beginning :P

btw, the suggestion is good for those in a hurry. as for me, i'll wait for the unicode and ugraded fonts :)

writeKA said...

Ofcourse you're right. :-) But then again, the strike-through location depends on your browser (and OS). In IE7 on XP, it looks exactly like the rupee symbol. The output is not consistent everywhere (for that we need the new Unicode character) and its just a short-term workaround.
And don't worry, there is no bad omen :-) our current symbol is Rs with a strike-through. ;-) Besides. horizontal and vertical strikes are a common feature of most currency symbols.

Anonymous said...

You can start using the Rupee Symbol already on your websites -

Jay Paudyal said...

Hi all, now you can type new Indian rupee symbol using new embedded fonts. Download fonts from

Raja Gopal said...

Really it is usefull for my new wordpress site :) thanks a lot bussy :)

Dee said...

How to implement Rupee symbol in sending mails through outlook 2007?

writeKA said...


You could copy-paste this - ₹ . Unicode 20B9.

It may not render correctly on the recipient's computer.

Anonymous said...

Excellent code u provided brother..It helped me lot

Unknown said...

Just use &#2352;