Sunday, July 1, 2007

writeKA Scripto 0.2.0 Beta version released

I've just released the second beta version of writeKA Scripto.
Download Scripto.

It has a new look and feel and a lot more features, though the core transliteration mechanism has remained the same. I'll spend some more time on the core functionality in the newer releases.

The new features include:
1. Email using SendEmail
2. Publishing to all blog engines that support MetaWeblog API. This means you can now post directly to blogs running on Wordpress, MSN Live Spaces etc.
3. Auto configuration of blog accounts by making use of RSD.
4. A cool new icon set called Silk
5. Easy selection of (and shifting between) languages. Its also easier to add new languages.
6. Direct download of language maps from within the client - If you did not find your language and you would like to contribute to getting it included, please contact me or just post a comment here.

I also did a lot of clean up under the hood. I hope you all like it... please let me know!

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