Monday, July 2, 2007

Introducing Scripton . . .

I just realised I never formally introduced Scripton, the new intelligent online transliteration engine on writeKA (and a distant cousin of Scripto from the previous post)! OK, now I did. :-)

Right now, only the Hindi version of Scripton is publicly available. Other languages will follow soon. (as soon as I get to work on it!) Why do call Scripton intelligent? Because, it does a moderately good job of trying to guess the words correctly when you write in Hindi. For example, if you write tamatar aur kabutar, it will give the correct output as टमाटर और कबूतर. This wouldn't be possible in a fixed map engine like the ones used earlier. The engine will only improve with time as more people use it and correct presently incorrect outputs.

Give it a shot - writeKA Scripton.

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