Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Identify Patterns in News

I wanted to do something constructive with all the data that I've collected over the years instead of just archiving it - so I've come up with the latest product from writeKA - Trend Search. Plug in any term, and find out how it has been faring in news titles over the last few years. Here are some things to try:
See Narendra Modi's meteoric rise
Patterns for iPhone
Patterns for Nobel, why we were not too surprised with Malala but didn't know who is Satyarthi!
The rising Ebola threat

What I'm providing now is fairly basic, just term prevalence thats it. I plan on adding the following in the coming days (in no particular order):
Trend Search in Indian languages
Trend Comparison
Trend Reasons (showing stories that cause spikes)

Give me more ideas.

Have fun with writeKA trend search.

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